Sometimes it can be hard to put food on the table not to mention a birthday cake for a child’s birthday.  Many children never get a cake for their special day, and food shelters or pantries normally don’t offer the items need for a birthday cake celebration such as candles, special plates, cake mix, or icing.

That is why we decided to create the Birthday Cake Kit.   Starting in December which is my birthday month I put together 8 kits to take to the local food pantries. The goal is to not only provide kits each month to different pantries in the local Pittsburgh area, but to inspire others to do the same in their community.

This is a perfect community project for scout troops, church groups or just a way to celebrate your birthday by giving to others who may have a little less than you. 

They are easy to make, most of the items you can find at your local dollar store. Depending on what you want to put in your kits they cost about $10.00 each to create.

If we have inspired you enough that you would like to provide birthday cake kits in your local community please share your photos with us so we can show others how easy it is to “Sprinkle A Little Pink “  into each lives.