In 2016 Cindy Dunlow won the Guinness World Records Certificate for the largest collection of Flamingo-related items with a total of 793 items. Cindy put all her Flamingo items on display at her self-proclaimed Official Flamingo Museum in Ocala FL. For years people from all over would stop at her tiny museum to admire her collection. The last I hear in 2021 she closed the museum to remodel I am not sure when it will reopen.

There is a little unknown fact in the Flamingo Loving community that I would like to share.  On November 8th, 2019, the longtime standing record by Cindy Dunlow was broken quietly and without much fanfare by Deborah Buscher Leck of Kearneysville W.Va. 

Unfortunately, Deborah didn’t get to celebrate her new title on Facebook or in the media of any kind because on February 21, 2020. Only nine months before the winner was announced Deborah lost her valiant 37 year battle with ovarian cancer.  Deborah’s husband and family decided to carry on the collection to make sure Deborah would become the Guinness World Records title holder, they collected a whopping 2,595 items in her honor. 

As a fellow Flamingo Sister, The Flamingo Fanatics Society would like to hold a “FLOCK OUT “in Deborah’s honor to raise awareness and funding for research on Ovarian Cancer.

It will be held in Pittsburgh PA on the weekend of September 23rd– 25th, since that is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. 

For your donation of $20. You can name a Teal Flamingo in honor of a loved one, medical team member or a hospital or for yourself. You will receive a dedication certificate via email. Each Flamingo will also display the name of the honoree. The Teal Flamingo will be on display, you will be invited to visit them take photos with them.

More information will be coming soon.