The Yellow Ribbon Flamingo Supporting our Troops

                                     One of the missions of the Flamingo Fanatics Society is help where help is needed.

In November of 2022 a co-working was telling me about an organization she like to help out every month by donating very basic items that she would pick on her shopping trips. They would then put together with other donated items boxes or care packages and send them to troops at different locations around the world. Sounded simple enough.  Their name was Yellow Ribbon Girls. It sounded like a project I could get behind by picking different items to send, besides it brought back memories I had as a kid when my mom would make packages for my oldest brother that was in Vietnam in the late 60’s.

won’t be cool if you could have a Flamingo as a pet, sounds great but you and I know it is unrealistic, with the cost of a habitat, feeding, vet bills and the list goes on. But for the cost of your next plush Flamingo or large statue you could Adopt a Flamingo from your local Zoo.

There is an estimated more than 2,800 zoos in the world with 355 in the United States, zoos everywhere have been hit hard by the pandemic. With a large portion of their funding from visitors coming to the zoo to see the animals in person, but since 2020 those numbers have dropping dramatically, Zoo are hurting, some zoos may not survive the pandemic. You could do your part Adopt a Flamingo. Not all zoos have Flamingos or an adoption program, but you can always donate to any Zoo.

The next time you want to purchase another plush Flamingo or a dust collector for your living room stop and think about Adopting a Flamingo.  You adopt in honor someone else a grandchild, another Flamingo lover or in your name.

In 2021 The Flamingo Fanatics Society Has Adopted a Flamingos from three different Zoos and will continue to do so throughout 2022.

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How you can help.

There are many different ways you can support our efforts.

The Yellow Ribbon Girls 20 Years of Caring