Hi, my name is Fiona, I am just a regular Steiff plush Flamingo. Up until October 2022, I lived in Pittsburgh, PA with my mom Susan. Every day I would spend my days sitting on the couch with all the other plush flamingos, gazing into space. I would daydream most of the time, sometimes I would be so bored that I would doze off to sleep and then fall off the couch onto the floor, where I would lay for days until Susan would find me.

My mom would often leave for days at a time. I always wondered “Where is she going ?” See I am not like the other plush flamingos sitting on this couch ” I have dreams of adventure I want to go places and see and do things just like my mom does”

” After all I was born in Germany, I lived with another family, before they sold to Susan on eBay. So one day, I mustered the courage to talk with my mom and just explain how I needed more and wanted to explore different places. She totally understood where I was coming from because deep down she feels the same way.

Well, the following day, she made a post in the Flamingo Fanatics Facebook group, asking if anyone would be interested in being my host family for a few weeks and showing me around their town. We were both really surprised when she received so many offers. Mom worked up a travel schedule for the next full year, I am going to be jet-setting back and forth across the country getting to see so many different places and meeting tons of people, I just can’t wait to get started.

My bags are packed and I am ready to go. I even have a passport journal that everyone can sign so I won’t forget who I have met.

Mom had only one rule, other than minding my matters and saying please and thank you, it was I had to be back in Pittsburgh by March of 2024 so I could attend the 3rd Annual Flamingo Fanatics Fling, heck ya I wouldn’t miss it because it is a 9-day cruise to Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao. Are you going? Hope to see you there. I am off the first stop on my year-long adventure in Charleston SC with Miss Rita.

So Until next time stay safe and remember to ” Sprinkle a little pink” into someone’s life every day.