Hi everyone, I want to share with you the surprise weekend trip to Portland Lynn and I had this weekend. I have a tight travel schedule all planned out for the rest of the year. As I was in San Diego with my host Lynn Douglas she was making plans to attend the 1st Spring Flamingle in Portland, it was hosted by the Washington Chapter of the Flamingo Fanatics Society. They were planning a surprise retirement party for my mom and I really wanted to be there for that. Lynn emailed my next host Vickie Pickering in Virginia asking if I could stay just a little longer she had no problem with that at all. Lynn and I headed to Portland.

This is the view flying over Mt. Hood as we were coming into Portland, what an awesome view.

The surprise retirement party was so much fun, The ladies had matching Happy Flocking Retirement t-shirts, thanks to Brian at Vacationshirts.com Mom was really surprised

I met new members of the chapter plus Danni Curgus was there, she took me on a cruise in March. I shared stories with them about all my travels for the past seven months. We had fun pineapple drinks, nor really what was in that, but it was good. Maybe just a little too good.

Lynn was keeping a close eye on me and how much I was drinking, after the whole Buffett concert thing, but the drinks were really strong

We also had these crazy doughnuts and cake from Voodoo Doughnuts, They are famous in Portland.

The next day we set out for the Oregon Zoo I wanted to see my flock. A few ladies rented scooters to help them get around and I had the perfect view from the basket on the front. I have to say I was a big hit with all the young guests at the zoo and even signed a few autographs. There was a train going past and I flapped my wings at all the passengers and they waved back at me.

When we arrived at the Flamingo Habitat I met Jeffery the Flamingo Zoo keeper, I whispered a few sweet words into Jeffery’s ear and was able to get the flamingos extra special treats for lunch, they really enjoyed that.

After a great day at the zoo, I was really tired and decided not to join the ladies at the Casino. Sunday was a travel day for Lynn and me, we headed back to San Diego. On Monday I will be off to Virginia for another adventure. I really enjoyed this visit to Portland, was able to see my mom I know she was happy about that, and met new friends.

If you ever get a chance to visit Portland I would do it, never miss an opportunity to have an adventure, until next time. Safe travels, and don’t forget to ” Sprinkle a little Pink into someone else’s life every day” You just never know what an impact a little kindness can have on another person’s life.